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Sounds are Loud at First

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Why is everything so loud?

When first wearing your Eargo devices, keep the volume low. Your brain will likely be hearing sounds you may not have heard for some time. Your brain will be like a kid who’s been cooped up in a car for way too long suddenly being cut loose on a beach. Just running around out there hearing everything it can. … Anyway, our point is, little sounds may suddenly seem very loud. Things like water running, bags of chips crinkling, paper crumpling, babies crying, using the restroom, traffic…

Your brain needs a little time to get used to hearing these high-frequency sounds again. It probably hasn’t heard them for a long time. Give it a little while. Your first weeks with your Eargo devices will be a time of adjustment. These sounds will begin to fade into the background as your brain relearns which are important and which can be ignored.

The brain will focus in on speech and ignore less important sounds like paper crumpling. This usually happens over the first two to four weeks. Be patient. Your brain has a lot of adjusting to do!

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