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Why do we need Eargo sizers?

You’ll soon be receiving your Eargo devices. As a first step, you need to determine which size Eargo will fit your ears. Which is why you’re receiving those non-working samples. Once we have the sizing thing all squared away, we’ll be able to send you your functioning Eargo devices.

Here is how to try them:

The first step in the sizing process is to put the Eargo sizers into your ears. …

  1. To properly orient the sizer, the removal thread should be at the bottom, not the top.
  2. Using your index finger and thumb, grasp the base of the removal thread and gently place the sizer into the ear canal.
  3. The sizer should sit entirely in the canal, with the removal thread tucked just inside the outer ear.

Please try both sizers in both ears to double-check that both ear canals are the same size.

What if neither Eargo sizer fits?

Some people with very small ear canals may feel that both sizes are too snug. If this happens to be the case, please call 800-61-EARGO (800-613-2746) and let us know.

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