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Daily Care – Earwax

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Daily Eargo device care – ear wax

Eargo devices are designed to help keep your ears clean. The Flexi Fibers may sweep out the excess wax with each removal. There’s often a sizable amount of wax that comes out during the cleaning period before using your devices. That amount should lessen over time.

It’s very important to keep your devices clean. Wax buildup or other debris may lessen their sound quality and performance. If you notice wax or other debris on your Eargo devices, simply clean with an alcohol wipe or cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Do not immerse or submerge your devices in alcohol as this will damage their electronics.

If wax is inside the dome, you can get it out by first letting your Eargo devices dry overnight, and then by gently wiping the dome with an alcohol pad or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

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